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Zcode Line Reversals – Is This The Best Line Reversals Tool?

The Zcode Line Reversals is one of the sports betting toll that uses the latest advanced AI algorithm to predict the future results of the game. Unlike typical line reversals toll that only provide you data regarding the matches and score, that’s it. Some newer ones now provide you with some more essential data but Zcode system line reversal provide Money Lines, Odds, Public Percentages in Real Time for your selected game. In this article, we’re going to write an ultimate review on everything you need to know about Zcode Line Reversal.

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What is the Zcode Line Reversals App?

Zcode Line reversals tool is a unique software that allows the user to track the bookies lines, odds and public percentages in real time. It is one of the most popular Zcode tools and provide you a great value in sports betting.

However, Zcode line reversal has a solution for this significant problem. As we’ve mentioned before, Zcode isn’t dependent on luck and gut feelings. Instead, it uses a real-time, highly advanced AI algorithm that gives you the most accurate future predictions regarding the match.

It is designed specifically for those people who’re not too pro analytical studies of sports betting or are newbies in the gambling industry.

 How Zcode Line Reversal Works

First of all, note that Zcode Line Reversal isn’t a betting system itself. Instead, it uses the integration of Zcode to allow you to perform bets and everything that you do in a standard Zcode platform.

However, the Line Reversal Edition of Zcode will provide you with the best and most accurate predictions on which game to gamble or bet on and which event to stay away from. Therefore, the system will give you a very high opportunity to predict accurate results, which is proportional to % of winning. The line reversal edition isn’t just limited to predictions.

Instead, the algorithm will also display you the recommended matches to bet on. In this way, you’ll have extra high chances of winning a bet even if you don’t know about the team’s summary on which you’re placing the bet. Line Reversal’s algorithm will handle it for you!

Line Reversal

Zcode system provides the most accurate and best line reversal which currently exists on the internet. The line reversal is completely free to use and covers almost all the popular and common games from different kinds of sports. Especially in the USA, it covers the NBA, NHL, WNBA, ESPORTS, MLB and many others.  Overall the line reversal of Zcode covers almost all the existing games of the sports betting niche. Learn more on Zcode system free trial here.

To provide more information to the users, the company has added “Public Percent” which refers to the % of people who have invested money on the corresponding team as compared to the team’s opponent.  For example, if the graph’s line of NBA is touching 70% , it means, 70% of people have wagered their money on NBA if compared to the money people wagered on it’s opponent.

How Zcode Line Reversal Works

Zcode’s line reversal is all about how better you can understand the odds. The professional might know that higher the odds, the better will be the profit. With the line reversal tool of Zcode, you’ll get upto 60% better odds as compared to other tools on the internet.

Zcode’s algorithm has been designed in a way that it subtracts the odds from different bokkies for the wagering game. The algorithm processes another form of information which helps it to better arrange matches with the line reversal tool. Because the selection of betting games is not dependent only on odds. It is dependent on multiple calculations such as public wagers and average amount of the bet that each person is bidding.


 Zcode line reversal tool is updated in real time. But so far, we’ve noticed there’s a delay of about 20-30 seconds which is negligible. Otherwise, the tool shows all the updated results of odds and movements that the match had in the day. So far, we’ve found, it’s the most accurate and fastest updating reversal tool on the internet. Moreover, the users who have access to Zcode VIP, they can enjoy the advanced features of line reversal of Zcode. 

Zcode Line Reversal Characteristics

  1. The line reversal tool shows you the charts and odds in real time or maybe some delay like 20-30 seconds. Still faster than any other tool currently exists in the world.
  2. The Zcode claims that unlike other companies, they don’t collect the odds from a middleman. Instead, they collect the odds data directly from the bookies.
  3. You can change the odds in USA or EU format.
  4. The tool clearly highlights which team is the underdog and which one is favourite one among the players.

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 Zcode Over/Under

If you ever used Zcode, you might know that Zcode also offers over/under betting as well. For those who don’t know what over/under is, it’s a type of bet in which the bookmaker will give you the base score.

The base score is a prediction (of a bookmaker) of the total score that both teams will make at the end of the match. You need to bet whether the total score will go above the predicted score or lower than the expected score. If your prediction goes right, you’ll win. Otherwise, you’ll lose the bet.

Now, Zcode line reversal’s AI also works here. It uses precise calculations, analysis team’s performance, user’s bidding and many other processes to give you the most accurate prediction in over/under bet. The system will provide you with a forecast of which bet has high winning chances. So you can make your decision wisely.

Zcode Power Rankings

The power ranking in sports betting refers to the number that strives to rate a team’s quality objectively. The quality of the team can be anything. However, it generally refers to the team’s chances to win and how strong the team is against their opponent.

For example, if the team’s power ranking is about 70%, it means that the team has 79% winning chances, and they’re much more powerful than the team. Luckily, the Zcode line reversals include the power rankings button.

The system calculates the power ranking by performing different calculations. Calculations, such as the winning history of the selected team, how they’re doing currently against the opponent, their broad background, and many things are included in the calculations that determine the power ranking of a team in Zcode line reversal.

Money Line

Zcode line reversal also offers a money line tool. However, it’s only accessible for premium users who have a VIP pass of Zcode.

The Money Line tool basically refers to the simple betting on the team you expect to win or lose.  It doesn’t have anything to do with the calculations, graphs and victory margins.

In the Zcode line reversal, the (+) shows you the corresponding team is likely to win.  For example, a -370 in the Money Line of Zcode line reversal means that you need to bet at least 370$ to win 100$.

On the other side, the (+) sign refers to the fact that your team is an underdog and is likely to lose. In (-) sign, the winning process is different.

For example, if the Money Line is -370, it means you’ll win 370$ on the bet of 100$ if the team loses the match.

Is Zcode Line Reversal a Scam?

Zcode itself is a 100% legit sports betting website that pays you your winning amount. It all depends on the perspective. But, in reality, we can’t call Zcode a scam. It’s 100% legit and honest, or you can call it the most authentic and trusted sports betting website on the internet. To learn more on Zcode betting system go through our Zcode system review page.

Zcode Line Reversal Pros

Realtime Updates

Unlike other sports betting software that doesn’t update their data in real-time, Xcode line reversal updates it in real-time. Other websites generally take about 0.5-1 minute to update their data. This delay can affect your predicted calculations.

Public Percentage

The public percentage will show you the ratio of those who are betting on the respective team to the ratio of those who are betting on it’s opponent. For example 60% public percentage means that every 6 out of 10 people are betting on your respective team and remaining 4 people are betting on it’s opponent.

No Middleman

Unlike other betting platforms, Zcode line reversal doesn’t involve any middleman to collect the data. Instead, all their data comes directly from the bookies. Hence, you get better accuracy and less delay.

 Zcode Line Reversal Cons


There’re tons of online sports betting websites out there on the internet which claim to provide you with the most accurate predictions. However, after our deep research, we chose Zcode Line Reversal as the best platform for sports betting predictions. It’s an all-new platform that uses state of the art and the latest AI algorithm that brings you the most accurate and precise sports betting predictions that no other platform is currently offering. That’s why in this article, we’ve performed an ultimate review of Zcode Line Reversal.

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